About The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

Our Chamber is a voluntary non profit organization made up of New Jersey businesses and professionals, working together to build a healthy economy and to improve life in our community. The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce has been active in the Lakewood community since 1917.

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce services not only businesses in Lakewood, N.J., it serves businesses in all of Ocean and Monmouth counties, N.J., and beyond. New Jersey businesses can profit from the many benefits the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce offers. Visit our "About The Chamber" section to learn about the many benefits the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce offers NJ businesses.

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce takes special interest in many community programs, such as the business mentoring program for Lakewood High School students. Each year we offer scholarships to Lakewood High School students. Our Community Resource Committee assists local charities in providing for Lakewood families who are in need. Our Annual Awards Dinner honors our outstanding community leaders.

A strong, healthy Chamber of Commerce generates a better return for everyone's business, and contributes to the professional and industrial development of its membership. The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce can do a better job if its members give their good will, donate some of their time, and add their individual expertise and "push" to the tasks at hand. Your investment in the Chamber of Commerce pays big dividends.

Benefits of Membership in the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

Enjoy community visibility with a Lakewood Chamber plaque and decal.
Save money with our member-to-member discount program.
Receive discounts on admissions to luncheons, trade shows, and other Lakewood Chamber events.
Obtain FREE access to a Notary Public at the Lakewood Chamber office (by appointment please).
Know that you are receiving representation of your important business issues in N.J. and nationally.
Expand your and your employees' knowledge through informative business programs.
Get additional customers through referrals from the Lakewood Chamber office.
Increase your business through business networking opportunities, and find valuable suppliers and services through our free membership directory listings.
Benefits, such as these, can more than offset the cost of membership.
Advertise your business through the Lakewood Chamber Web site and low cost newsletter advertising.
Keep up to date on local N.J. issues and Lakewood Chamber events online and with our newsletter.
Receive FREE consultation and cost savings analysis from cooperative and integrated service providers of both Internet and telecommunications services, offering a complete range of products, including DSL, local and long distance, and even gas & electric.
Receive a business listing on the heavily trafficked Lakewood Chamber of Commerce Web site. Our Web site is updated daily and is a top business listing resource in many of the major search engine indexes.
Boost the direct mail of your business' advertising program with low cost mailing labels and membership lists.
Make friends and business contacts while having fun at any of our special events throughout the year.
Benefit from The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which provides a method for recognizing the symptoms of a troubled business.
Obtain a Certificate of Origin for exporters at no cost. (Industrial Park).
Keep up to date on the Urban Enterprise Zone and Foreign Trade Zone. (Industrial Park).
The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce has many advantages for your N.J. business.

The business resources above are only the beginning of the benefits your business can take advantage of.
The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is always looking for and implementing new and exciting ways to help N.J. businesses improve their bottom line and increase awareness. There is a true measurable return on your investment with every Lakewood Chamber of Commerce membership. Join the hundreds of other N.J. businesses that have experienced the benefits and value of membership today.